Endorsed providers are required to conduct their own internal quality assurance process to ensure that the standard of training and assessment that learners are receiving is of a consistently high standard.

For providers with Bundle, Unlimited or Degree+ endorsement, PD:Approval (PDA) will undertake external quality assurance checks on behalf of the Sports Therapy Association (STA) to ensure that endorsed training programmes and assessments satisfy STA criteria.

Quality assurance checks will take place post* approval at least once during each one year endorsement period and initially within the first 6 months of approval. The checks will be conducted by sector specific, qualified and experienced External Quality Assurers (EQAs) who will evaluate the training provision against the published endorsement criteria. A report will be issued and time framed actions may be required to be completed to ensure that any quality issues are managed.

For providers with Pay As You Go endorsement, PDA requires a formal self-evaluation check to ensure the standard of the evaluated submission is maintained. A self-evaluation pack will be sent out explaining all of the critera and evidence required to be evaluated, eg internal quality assurance procedures, marketing and assessment, which is in line with the evidence an External Quality Assurance visit would cover. The completed pack will be formally submitted by a specific deadline. PAYG providers may also be subject to random sampling where a PDA EQA may contact them for an impromptu visit and observation.

The cost of the EQA visit and self-evaluation is included in the endorsement fee, however sanctions and fees may be incurred if actions are not met, or if additional quality assurance is required. Once an endorsed provider’s programme has been reviewed, the organisation will be graded according to their level of compliance to PD:Approval quality standards.

Grade Characteristics: Outcomes for Learners

The EQA will review and evaluate the overall effectiveness of the programme, including the quality and effectiveness of teaching, learning and assessment and align their judgement and grading to Ofsted’s grading characteristics**

EQAs will evaluate the evidence seen using the following grading scale:


* A pre-approval visit for vocational providers will be required if your EQA report identifies your centre as medium risk.

** Ofsted, Handbook for the inspection of further education and skills, January 2015.

Full details of our Sanctions Policy can be found here.

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