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Gain accreditation from PD:Approval to offer students a prestigious qualification that is mapped to the Society for the Pilates Method (SPM) Standards, recognised by the SPM Register of Pilates Teachers (SPMRT) and welcomed by employers.

All training providers who wish to gain SPM recognition must be able to deliver both the Certificate in Pilates Matwork and Certificate in Pilates Apparatus, which together make up Comprehensive Pilates, and submit both for accreditation. Upon approval, you will be able to promote the qualifications individually or in a package as the Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Diploma..

Qualified Pilates teachers possess the knowledge and skills necessary to support and motivate clients in achieving their goals, and have more impact on a client’s performance and achievements, tailoring programmes and workouts to meet their specific needs. By mapping your qualifications to the SPM Standards you are equipping your students with the most up-to-date knowledge and expertise

Supported Learning Hours (SLH)

  • The Certificate in Pilates Matwork qualification requires 220 SLH, inclusive of the Core Units.
  • The Certificate in Pilates Apparatus qualification requires 280 hours SLH. Students must already be qualified in Matwork Pilates.
  • The Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Diploma qualification (Core/Matwork/Apparatus) requires 500 hours SLH.

For an overview of the requirements of accreditation, click here.

Units covered in Comprehensive Pilates

The Accreditation Process

You can expect a robust approval process that is supportive and thorough to ensure you satisfy all the criteria required. Your training will have been developed by yourself and you own the intellectual property. Alternatively, you may wish to utilise another source for the resources to deliver the qualification, but you MUST submit them all and gain approval to use these materials from the intellectual property owner. All resources MUST map 100% to the SPM Standards to ensure an industry benchmark is met.

Accreditation with PD:Approval gives you the autonomy to add more contextualised content to the qualification making it bespoke to the needs of your students – a huge benefit when developing your unique selling point to students which makes you stand out in a competitive market. We believe the winning combination of industry recognised theory with practical application promotes best practice and provides the necessary skills an employer will be looking for.


To show the industry that you have achieved accreditation , we will provide you with accreditation logos and a Certificate of Authentication showing the details of your approval. You will be allocated a qualified and experienced External Quality Assurer (EQA) to support you to continue to meet the highest standards. PD:Approval has an accumulated 50 years experience in quality assurance, and uses industry expert evaluators, trainers and quality assurers to undertake reviews and observations.

Certification and Professional Recognition

PD:Approval will provide each of your successful students with a secure Certificate of Achievement that has a unique ID code and a hologram for anti-fraud purposes. Only certificates issued in this manner will be accepted by the SPM Register of Teachers (SPMRT) for entry to the register. Students can be registered as follows:

  • Certificate in Pilates Matwork (one certificate will be issued)
  • Certificate in Pilates Apparatus (two certificates will be issued, one for Apparatus and one for Comprehensive Pilates*)
  • Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Diploma (three certificates will be issued, Apparatus, Matwork and Comprehensive Pilates*)

* There is no certification fee for the Comprehensive Pilates certificate.

Terms and Conditions

Training providers seeking accreditation by PD:Approval to offer recognition by the SPM must commit to PD:Approval’s terms and conditions for accreditation providers as part of the application process.

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Industry Award

Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Diploma

(Split into two payments: Accreditation Pack £500; Submission and evaluation £700)

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