As an independent quality assurance body, PD:Approval has over 50 years of knowledge and experience in standards setting, quality assurance and structuring frameworks to strengthen the verification of training that underpins the values of membership organisations and institutes internationally.

Our main functions are to:

  • Raise sector standards by implementing professional recognition through a quality assurance kitemarking process.
  • Offer technical services to support training providers to generate commercial and quality robust training programmes.
  • Promote quality assured training to employers and potential learners through various channels.

The Society for the Pilates Method (SPM) aims to create and uphold the highest training standards in the UK and to protect the integrity of the entirety of the Pilates Method.

We explicitly recognise that ‘one size does not fit all’ when it comes to Pilates teacher training programmes - teaching approaches, course content, curriculum, and course structure will differ across the training providers who make up SPM’s membership. This diversity underpins the strength and the attraction of the Pilates Method.

We have introduced new standards covering both matwork and studio apparatus, leading to a Comprehensive industry award. These standards are exclusively available to SPM members. Further standards are in development.

Only teachers directly affiliated to an SPM Member can join the SPM’s professional register, the Register of Pilates Teachers (RPT), which promotes teaching excellence. Membership of the RPT is endorsed by the teacher’s parent organisation and is renewable annually based on the achievement of SPM’s professional development requirements and adherence to SPM’s Code of Ethics.

If you are a qualified Pilates teacher and would like to appear on the RPT please contact in the first instance the training provider who you qualified with. You can also email XXXX

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