An essential part of your accreditation with PD:Approval is the registration of your students and the recording of their status once they have completed their accredited qualification with you.

STAGE 1: Learner Registration

Students must be registered with PD:Approval at the latest within seven days of the start of the accredited qualification, ie the Course Start Date you will provide when registering. Failure to register students within this time frame may lead to a sanction from PD:Approval and could affect your on-going accreditation. Any student not registered will not be certificated by PD:Approval.

Please note: If you are offering the Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Diploma, where your students have signed up to undertake both Matwork and Apparatus, you must register your students using the Comprehensive option on the registration form as per our terms and conditions.

A payment of £25+VAT per student, per discipline, will be charged at registration which covers the registration fee and certification costs. It also provides protection to the student for their certification should the need arise. If you are using PD:Approval's materials, other charges may be added.

Please note: You must gain permission from your students upon enrolment to pass their information to us, which will be used solely for the purposes of recording their assessment status and issuing a Certificate of Achievement for those who have passed.

Before completing the form and for a successful registration, you need to have the following information for each learner:

  • Approved Training Provider (ATP) Code (the code given to you at Approval)
  • First name (the student's legal first name)
  • Middle name/s (the student's legal middle name, if applicable)
  • Last name (the student's legal surname)
  • Date of birth (the student's legal birth certificate date)
  • Unique Student Number (the unique number you have allocated to the student which is required for security and identification purposes)
  • Course Code for the cohort the student is a part of
  • Course Start Date
  • Date of student registration (the date they registered with you for the qualification)
  • Student's anticipated completion date (for quality assurance purposes)
  • Qualification (choose the qualification to be undertaken)
  • Whether the qualification is full or RPL (recognition of prior learning)


STAGE 2: Student Status Update

As soon as your registered students have completed their final assessment you will need to update us with their status, so that certificates can be sent to successful students once the registration and certification fee has been paid.

Click the link below and insert your ATP code. This will produce a list of your registered students who have not yet either passed or been referred so that you can record their status to update our records.

All certificates come with a unique code as well as a QR code and hologram (if hard copy) to avoid fraudulent activity. Hard copy certificates are sent by recorded delivery on or around either the 3rd or 20th of each month. Deadline for payment for hard copy certificates for passed learners to be sent to the training provider are the 1st and 15th of each month. Electronic certificates are sent weekly.

Status Update


Your student's details will be kept securely on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with a two step verification process for access, and will not be shared. Records will continue to be stored until the student informs us that they wish them to be removed, so that duplicate certificates can be provided on request. PD:Approval complies with all requirements for General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and is a member of the Information Commissioner's Office (IOC). All members of PD:Approval have signed a Code of Confidentiality.

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