As part of your accreditation evidence, you must show that you have in place an effective and thorough internal quality assurance process, to include tutor and assessor standardisation training, programme staff meetings with minutes, learner feedback forms, observations, etc. There are many ways to quality assure but as long as you can evidence how you are internally checking and recording the quality of decision making when assessing and standardising best practice when delivering the accredited qualification/s, you will meet the criteria.

PD:Approval provides on-going external quality assurance for approved training providers to provide support to help you to maintain the quality of your delivery throughout each annual accreditation period.

After your Interim Approval has been confirmed, your allocated External Quality Assurer (EQA) will get in touch to introduce themselves and organise a virtual review when your first assessment is taking place, as the final step towards Full Approval. The review will focus on the practical skills of the team as well as the assessments/assessment portfolio and internal quality assurance; you will receive full guidance before it takes place.

Once you have achieved Full Approval, your EQA will provide annual Grading reviews. The cost is included in your accreditation renewal fee, however if a visit is required, a visit fee of 530 USD and expenses, eg travel, accommodation, of 1400 USD* will be invoiced to you.

If training needs are identified during a review, this will be actioned in the EQA's report for training to take place virtually (fees will apply).

Grade Characteristics: Outcomes for Learners

Your EQA will review and evaluate the overall effectiveness of the qualification, including the quality and effectiveness of teaching, learning and assessment and align their judgement and grading to the UK’s Ofsted grading characteristics**

EQAs will evaluate the evidence seen using the following grading scale:


Full details of our Sanctions Policy can be found here (all prices are shown in sterling but will be charged in USD if applicable).

Please note that if your quality status is Unsatisfactory or Requires Improvement, an additional fee of 511 USD will be payable for the additional support. If a visit is required, expenses will also be incurred. Additionally, there may be the cost of any training that your EQA has specified.

Areas that we quality assure:

  • Delivery of training – an observed visit against robust criteria
  • Assessment – an observation of learners undertaking the practical assessment
  • Systems and processes – desk based and observational
  • Certification - your process for providing the official certificates to your learners.

If you have any questions about quality assurance before being approved please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. However, if you have already been approved please contact your EQA.

* Relevant national taxes will be attributed to fees where they apply.
**Ofsted, Handbook for the inspection of further education and skills, January 2015.

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