PD:Approval and partner Membership Organisations (from now on referred to as MO) have high expectations of tutors, assessors, internal quality assurers and all persons responsible for the learner experience (from now on referred to as a whole as the endorsed training provider – ETP). It is understood that the ETP will carry out their duties in a manner that is accountable, professional, ethical and responsible to promote a positive learning experience.

By gaining approval through endorsement, ETPs agree to be bound by the Code of Conduct and Practice for Endorsed Training Providers.

ETPs that are in breach of one or more of the Code’s criteria will be sanctioned and could incur a charge for additional quality assurance checks or other financial penalties.

In addition, ETPs delivering qualifications via an awarding organisation must comply to all their awarding organisation’s requirements, terms and conditions.

  1. Roles and Responsibilities
    1. Training teams will work together and communicate effectively to increase the skills and knowledge of their learners.
    2. The ETP’s primary function is to prepare, manage, lead, deliver and evaluate learning opportunities for individuals and groups.
    3. ETPs will evaluate learners’ needs or disabilities before and during the training in order to ensure that any reasonable adjustments are made.
    4. ETPs will use appropriate assessment methods and tools to collect data and evaluate learning which are approved by PD:Approval.
    5. ETPs will ensure that a risk assessment has been completed at the start of each cohort.
    6. ETPs will carry out training within facilities that meet the Health and Safety Executive standards.
    7. ETPs will have the relevant public liability insurance and/or any other insurances suited/required for delivering training in a safe and fit for purpose environment.
    8. ETPs will inform PD:Approval prior to making any changes to the training programme so that additional evaluation may take place if necessary. A fee may be incurred.
    9. ETPs will inform all learners within a reasonable time frame of any changes to the training programme that have been approved by PD:Approval.
    10. At all times policies and procedures that have been approved by PD:Approval will be adhered to. If any changes take place the ETP will consult with PD:Approval before implementing.
    11. ETPs will adhere to the MO’s framework of prerequisites where applicable. PD:Approval will inform the ETP of such prerequisites.
    12. ETPs will inform the MO or PD:Approval of any other endorsed provider or professional deemed to be conducting an illegal activity or breaches against the Code of Conduct and Practice for Endorsed Providers.
    13. ETPs will take into consideration the learners’ MO code of practice when developing training.
    14. The ETP will ensure that the scope of their practice is not contravened.
    15. ETPs will not give false statements or make any perceived judgements about other training providers, endorsed or otherwise.
    16. Endorsed training will be delivered over a time period sufficient to equip participants with the appropriate knowledge, skills and confidence to practice.
  2. The Professional Code
    1. Responsibility for implementing the professional code falls to the ETP at all times.
    2. Where training is taking place there will be an ETP and learner agreement to ensure that all parties can be held accountable.
    3. At no point must learning be hampered by the ETP because of the actions of anyone in their training team.
    4. ETPs will not intimidate, use coercion nor harass or discriminate in any way.
    5. Where possible best practice will be followed at all times. If the ETP is unsure of best practice they will contact a member of the PD:Approval team for guidance.
    6. The learners’ dignity and integrity will be upheld by the ETP at all times.
    7. Any physical contact with the learner by the ETP within the context of the training must be with their prior consent, either written or verbally.
    8. The use of illegal drugs, alcohol and or any narcotics that might impair or hamper the ETP’s judgement or delivery is strictly prohibited.
    9. ETPs will always ensure feedback on summative assessments take place privately with learners, unless the learner specifies otherwise on the signed feedback form.
    10. ETPs will not deliver training or offer professional advice that is outside of their scope of practice or qualification remit.
    11. ETPs will ensure that what is being taught, demonstrated or observed is fit for the audience, e.g. age, religion, gender.
    12. Where relevant, ETPs will promote the continuing professional development (CPD) of their employees and ensure that all those employed to write, develop, deliver, assess and internally quality assure training are sufficiently qualified and a member of the relevant MO.
    13. ETPs will actively promote their MO to learners taking part in endorsed training or qualifications covered by their endorsement.
    14. ETPs must ensure that all those involved with their endorsed training programme/s keep up to date with their industry CPD requirements.
  3. Integrity Matters
    1. ETPs will not provide false information or knowingly mislead learners.
    2. A prompt and accurate response regarding feedback on achievement and enquiries relating to the training will be given to learners at all times.
    3. ETPs will never knowingly withhold information that might change or impact on the learner’s experience or achievement.
    4. All personal matters concerning a learner will be discussed in private,
    5. ETPs will not engage in social media regarding a learner’s professional and personal status.
    6. ETPs will not engage in any type of derogatory behaviour in any forms of communication.
    7. ETPs will not openly engage in public relations regarding PD:Approval or the MO without consent of either body.
    8. The misuse or distribution of PD:Approval and/or the MO’s logos is prohibited and clear sanctions will be enforced.
  4. Keep It Confidential
    1. ETPs will ensure that all personal data is in accordance with data protection law.
    2. All learners’ and ETPs’ information (electronic or paper) will be securely locked in a cabinet or password encrypted. Contingency plans will be in place to ensure that if the lock or password is misplaced or stolen the relevant protocols can overcome such issues.
    3. ETPs will keep learners’ details and assessment decisions for a minimum of three years.
    4. If there is a requirement for the ETP to share information then the ETP must gain permission from the learner and explain why and for what purpose it will be used.
  5. Rules for Administrative and Technical Support Matters
    1. ETPs’ centre contact and communication details will be kept up to date. Any changes will be communicated immediately in writing to PD:Approval.
    2. All appeals and complaints procedures will be followed in accordance with the ETPs’ internal policy that has been granted approval by PD:Approval.
    3. Technical (IT) assistance will be available to learners should they need to download software to enable them to undergo their learning experience. All IT requirements will be made clear to the learner before they enrol onto the training programme.
    4. Before enrolling onto the training programme, learners will be made aware about fees, referral fees, part payment terms, refund policy and cooling off periods.
    5. Pre-course reading and clear learning outcomes will be sent to the learner in reasonable time.
    6. Certification of endorsed training will be sent to the learner no more than 3 weeks after completion of the training. This does not include those learners awaiting certificates from an awarding organisation.
    7. Learners’ certificates will show the titles of the completed modules and, if applicable, the national occupational standard (NOS) competencies that have been achieved.
    8. The recommended tutor/assessor to learner ratio is 1:15, however PD:Approval will consider higher ratios if the evidence supports it.

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